About Us

“Study the science of art
and the art of science.”

– Leonardo da Vinci


About Metzger Albee Public Relations

Founded in 1991 as one of the nation’s first technology public relations firms, Metzger Albee has led the evolution of public relations, investor relations, marketing and creative services through the Digital Age. From creating the world’s first websites to implementing today’s most sophisticated social media programs, we develop and execute communications strategies for clients ranging from the Fortune 500 to venture-backed startups.

Based in the nation’s heart of new technology and business innovation in Boulder, we’ve thrived by adapting to opportunities, and setting best-practice standards at every stage of the communications revolution. We guide and serve clients in a world where buyers, sellers and investors connect through a mix of traditional media, social networks and word-of-mouth. By combining the messaging with the math, we’re multiplying our clients’ media coverage through an integrated fusion of PR, social media, SEO, web design and creative. This is the new open agency of the future, where a highly qualified team achieves collaborative resonance within markets, news and trends across the country and around the world.


Public Relations

In today’s ever-changing media landscape, we believe public relations is more important than ever. Just a few short years ago, PR was focused almost exclusively on getting coverage in newspapers and magazines, and on TV and radio broadcasts. That’s still important, but now we have to consider online publications, blogs, the need for contributed content and expert commentary, and the ability to get a news release directly to your target audience — often without pickup by a reporter, editor or blogger.

Our research-driven approach makes sure we’re targeting the right outlet at the right time with the right message. The result? Coverage that moves our clients’ business forward.


Social Media

Too many agencies let the interns post to Facebook and call it a social media program. That’s not how it works at Metzger Albee. We’ve been integrating social media — from the most popular communities to our clients’ own blogs and podcasts — into complete communications programs since 2005 (full confession: we called it the “New Media” practice back then).

Our approach is simple: social media is a communication medium that needs strategy and management. Just because no one pays to post on Facebook (yet!) doesn’t mean it’s free, and mistakes can be very costly. We approach social media with the same attention to strategy, management and execution as any other part of your communications program.


Creative & Web Services

At Metzger Albee, we’ve been doing media relations since 1991. Today, one of the most important media channels for any organization is their own website. We specialize in building websites that aren’t just “pretty” (although they are!), but also meet the organization’s communications and business objectives. Perhaps most importantly, we bake measurability and scalability into every creative and development project.

If an infographic is stunning but doesn’t get shared, it missed the mark. If your website looks great but isn’t found, or doesn’t lead your customer to the desired conversion, it’s not doing its job. When we do creative, we mean business — your business.


Search Engine Optimization

The secret to search engine optimization (SEO) today is pretty simple: develop great content that inspires people to visit your site, and voilà! You’re optimized!

OK, it’s not really that simple, but with the major search engines’ recent changes, that’s the current standard. If your SEO partner is still talking about driving inbound links, well… they’re right. They key is: how do they propose driving inbound links? If they’re not poised to create outstanding content, put it in the right place, update it regularly, and strategically join important, topical and timely conversations, then they’re doing it wrong.

Think about it this way: you can put a full-page ad in the paper about your theater, but if you show the same movie every day, people will stop coming back. That’s how Google and the major search engines look at your website. Is your SEO partner helping you put the next blockbuster on your screen and selling tickets? If not, give us a call.

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