PR is Dead

PR is Dead

PR is Dead Podcast

Just kidding.

MAPR president Doyle Albee has launched a new bi-weekly podcast on Rainmaker.FM. The show, “PR is Dead” focuses on the evolution of PR as media changes and as the way we consume that media changes.

There are people who think that PR means “press release.” It doesn’t, and if that’s the only tactic you employ in your public relations campaign, then yes: Your PR is dead.

In the first 13 minute episode, Albee explains what it means to be an expert in your field, and how your expertise can not only get reporters to cover your story, but may even lead to reporters calling YOU for news in the future.

Listen to the episode here, and subscribe to get future episodes as they’re released!

What other podcasts are you listening to? Let us know in the comments and we may feature your suggestions in our next newsletter! Oh– you’re not subscribed to our newsletter? Take a second to remedy that, won’t you?

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